Agathe Basset

Academy Member

About Agathe

Agathe has been working in the domain of self-development for more than 10 years. She is trained in a variety of practices in the field of therapy, coaching and facilitation. Her passion is guiding people to regain their power and confidence, by helping them heal the disconnections within themselves and discover the beauty and power of their true self. She also facilitates personal development games where people can discover their resources and obstacles and the way they play their life, while supporting themself and the other players to realise their intention. These games are fun and very effective.

Three questions with Agathe:

What is your message to the world?

My main belief is that there is infinite wisdom and intelligence in life, that everyone has access to and, as Marianne Williamson once said: “By following life’s wisdom, we become leaders.” I wish that more people would reclaim this natural leadership, for us to change the culture we live in and honour our Spaceship Earth as we honour ourselves and our diversity.

Why are you learning to be a Learning Community facilitator?

I have always loved to facilitate groups. I believe that in groups we can access more creativity, more wisdom, more intelligence, in order to face the challenges of our time and do more than survive as a species. I believe we can live and regenerate our environment to enjoy life even more ! I feel very proud to be part of this movement. Living in Europe, I wish to transmit what I learned here into my communities. I feel like a pioneer!

At this stage in your life, is there a representation of the divine feminine which is meaningful to you?

The divine feminine today for me is the principle of fertility – the one that is ever present, allowing life to grow inside her, nurturing and protecting with tenderness, as well as with a powerful and sacred sense of care.

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