Our conversations to inspire in the Age of COVID

Welcome to a series of interviews with global leaders about the new normal (or no-normal), hybrid working and embracing spiritual intelligence in the new age.

1. Susan Furness

Co-Founder, Strategic Heartistry

Susan Furness is a global communications expert delivering strategic marketing, brand management and public relations far beyond her operational base in Arabia. She is co-founder of Strategic Heartistry, an alternative to strategic planning, connecting hearts, heads and hands to plans. She is CEO of Strategic Solutions which focuses on Reputation Leadership for clients and their brands. She is also a Master Edgewalker and Spiritual Intelligence Coach. In this conversation, Siobhan and Susan explore heart and spiritual literacy in the ‘new normal’ and how the landscape of the corporate world has changed and the new opportunities this brings.

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2. Sharad Agarwal

CEO, Cyber Gear & Founder, Only Webinars

Positioned as an industry leader, Cyber Gear provides state-of-the-art web services to organisations across the world. Through Only Webinars they also specialize in organising corporate webinars. Known for his award-winning web and mobile based applications, Sharad is now leading global conversations with leaders from industry, business and education about harnessing opportunities and preparing for the future. In this conversation he shares the values that drive his success, the priorities that leadership needs to embrace, and the paradigm shift necessary to future-proof management. All in the pursuit of happiness.

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