Donna Riley

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About Donna

I am a feminine embodiment coach passionate about mentoring women over 40 to heal their trauma, connect to their desires, and move through life with grace and fire!! It’s time to land deeply in our bodies and connect to the power and wisdom that lies within. I believe healed women will heal our planet!!

Three questions with Donna:

A turning point in your life?

I had a near death experience at the age of 12 and spent most of my life being angry for being on this planet! I didn’t know it at the time, but I was regularly dissociating from my body to escape to the Light. Three years ago, I had a soul retrieval experience through my own fascia release practice and came fully back into my body. Now I live from the freedom and joy of trusting the guidance of my body to create a juicy and fulfilling life!!

Why are you learning to be a Learning Community facilitator?

I believe in the power of the collective. We are all here on this planet at this time for a divine purpose. We each have a contribution to make to the collective evolution. I know I am destined to be a leader in this ascension journey, and I am wanting to hone my skills in being able to fulfil this role.

At this stage in your life, is there a representation of the divine feminine which is meaningful to you?

I’ve always connected with the goddess Kali…..on the surface she is the goddess of destruction. As I explored deeper I came to understand the cycles of death and rebirth….the willingness to go into the dark to discover the Light…..the natural rhythms of nature….if we are willing to step into “death” we can constantly be reborn…

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