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Meeting the needs of our times through
Learning Community Facilitation

The Global Leadership Academy is an advanced programme for invited graduates of The Facilitator’s Path course. For one year of intensive training, participants will learn and practise the principles required for global leadership and awakening collaborative wisdom.
The programme weaves together a range of curricula to develop our awareness, proficiency and confidence in the following areas:

The programme is designed as a journey of development that responds to the ambitions, goals and longings of participants. In this way it becomes a co-designed and co-created journey for participants to develop their expertise as Learning Community Facilitators.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead

If you completed The Facilitator’s Path course and would like to be part of our 2023 program, feel free to book an exploratory call below!

Commencing on
10 January 2023

The Academy is open for registration for the first quarter of 2023. Sign up quickly for our next The Facilitator's Path course!

The Three Learning Avenues

Learn Through Modelling and Experimenting

The programme is designed by Siobhan Riordan, M.A., PG Cert., and Director of Learning Communities Network. For specific modules, guest speakers may be invited to support deeper exploration. The Academy creates opportunities for all members, including Siobhan, to step up and model different styles of leadership.

From the decades of experience and hard-earned wisdom of all participants, we will get the rare chance to observe in real time how decisions are made, which interventions will keep the group moving forward, and how to metabolise tension with frankness, tact and also humour. By stepping up to experiment in a safe space, we will develop the ability to balance our masculine, decisive, assertive qualities with our feminine, caring, receptive qualities.

Learn Through Communal and Private Reflection

For four hours of training sessions each month, members will gather to explore and practise the various aspects of leadership. In between sessions, there will be in-depth Reflective Journals, Learning Buddy assignments and supporting channels to integrate the new skills and perspectives.

The depth of connection to our soul and others’ on this year-long journey can be astounding. We develop keen awareness of our unconscious tendencies as we observe how others respond to the same stimulus. In a community that values the whole of who we are, we embrace our limitations and reclaim our confidence. Instead of reacting to each other’s blind spots, we use them to bring the group to ever deeper levels of trust. We bear witness to each other’s evolution, both in our roles as facilitators and in our lives.

Learn Through Collaborative Ventures

Throughout the year, the programme will support members in practising their facilitation skills both within and outside the Academy’s setting. Members are in charge of designing their ventures and calling for support from the group. The programme culminates in a Practical Project, where members will host a Learning Community of invited guests.

Through the Practical Project and any other collaborative ventures that emerge throughout the year, we learn to mobilise multiple forms of capitals to achieve common tasks. We practise hosting ourselves and co-hosting with others. We give and receive courageous feedback to move us forward on our journey.

Course Modules

The course unearths the body, mind, heart and soul of learning community facilitation. It focuses on the Facilitator Within, balancing the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, and Group Alchemy in your leadership development.
Meet our Members

One of our missions here at LCN is to support fearless leaders. By joining the Global Leadership Academy, you’re part of a community of skilled facilitators, committed to bringing high-impact developmental practices to teams, groups, organisations and neighbourhoods.

December 2022 sees the graduation of our first Alumni, with graduates from the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. Find out more about our members and their work by clicking on their photos below.

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