Jenny Mae Smith

Academy Member

About Jenny

At the intentional completion of my 14-year career as an HR Professional in early 2020, I began the unravelling of my seemingly lost, wounded and unexpressed feminine. This Divine path began showing itself to me as I struggled to find my place as an entrepreneur and traditional Life & Leadership Coach. I had begun supporting people who were struggling with the demands of aging parents and it wasn’t long before I came alive to the reality that women, who held the majority of these roles, felt trapped, alone, overburdened and uninspired. Like I once had. Today, as a trained Co-Active Coach, Advanced Akashic Healer and Mid-life Queen, I help women connect to peace, presence and spaciousness in their lives. I help them remember and reclaim their wholeness, reconnect to the Divine feminine and illuminate their spirit.

Contact: and Instagram:  @illuminatorofspirit

Three questions with Jenny:

What brings you joy?

My greatest joy is my first love, Julian. When I welcomed him onto this earth in 2011, he began showing me the way. He has been my greatest teacher.

I believe our deepest longing is to belong. To feel deeply connected. To thrive in community. To know love. To be love.

Why are you learning to be a Learning Community facilitator?

I am always looking for opportunities to deepen my knowing. The world needs as many space holders as possible. Those that guide people in a container of safety, connection and of resonance.

At this stage in your life, is there a representation of the divine feminine which is meaningful to you?

The Greek Goddess Gaia speaks to me most clearly. She embodies the earthly, creative, nurturing energy of the feminine, an understanding I’m now grateful for.

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