Khang Nguyen

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About Khang

Khang Nguyen is the Development Officer at Learning Communities Network. She has been facilitating national dialogues on peace practices, local forums on sustainable agriculture practices, nonviolent communication interventions, and youth leadership programmes in Vietnam since 2012. Currently, she supports families, farmers and organisations in resolving conflicts through facilitated meetings and mediation. Her degree is in Biotechnology and she is a Gold Medal Award Winner for her research on proteins at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Three questions with Khang:

An act of kindness that you will always remember?

When I was seven, my family had a motorbike accident. In the crash, my mom immediately covered me with her body. I was so well protected that I didn’t even have a scratch. That was one small instant when I felt the boundless love that I’ve been born into.

Why are you learning to be a Learning Community facilitator?

When I’m in a learning community, I feel accepted and hopeful. I have hope that I can learn to be a better person in the company of others. I trust that we all will suffer less if there are more learning communities and I want to contribute to that future.

At this stage in your life, is there a representation of the divine feminine which is meaningful to you?

The Global Leadership Academy is actually the place where I first became aware that there are many faces of the divine feminine: women can be mothers and also warlords, nuns as well as sacred prostitutes. I’m learning to embrace all of these facets within me so that I will be less activated when I see my shadows in others.

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