Mary-Rita McGuire

Academy Member
United Arab Emirates

About Mary-Rita

Mary-Rita is ✨The Curious Creative✨ and the Founder and Gatekeeper of MYSTERYM a space for seekers of transformation, using Depth Coaching, Applied Transpersonal Psychology, Storytelling and Creative Expression. She works with individuals and groups to explore transitions, thresholds and rites of passage. Mary-Rita has 15 years experience as a theatre practitioner using various styles from forum, mask work, verbatim and playback. She has been involved in several creative projects from performing in a verbatim piece in Dubai about women’s voices, to co-facilitating mask projects. She also works as a Drama teacher in the United Arab Emirates with different school bodies. Mary-Rita recently completed her Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology and is currently completing coaching hours to become a Depth Coach using Jungian approaches.

Contact: and . Instagram:@mymysterym_mrm 

Five questions with Mary-Rita:

A turning point in your life?

A turning point in my life came when I went to Bolivia and worked in the Amazon jungle with an adolescent puma called Luna. Luna taught me the power of building a deep connection and relationship with the cosmos through nature and being present with the rainforest. I carried this lesson throughout my life, leaving my career in tourism management behind and focusing on being of service to young people. I became a youth worker and went back to University to complete my degree in Creative Expressive Therapies. I found a deep love for using the arts as a tool for healing and transformation.

What brings you joy?

What brings joy to my heart are stories. The lived experiences of the wonderful people I meet. It started when I was six years old and I was crossing the Irish Sea on a Stena Ship. I remember meeting this Irish woman who shared her life story of growing up on a pig farm, how she always loved being on the farm playing and creating stories. At the end of our encounter she asked me to sing. I stood on the table and sang old Celtic songs that were filled with story. Several days later I received a postcard off this lady telling me a story about her life. I was filled with joy at this encounter.

Your message to the world?

The message I have re-covered for the world is the importance of the search for purpose and meaning in life and how our stories allow us to create sacred spaces of understanding. I am in service to the story and show up on this plane of existence as a story -teller, story-collector, and story-listener.

Why are you learning to be a Learning Community facilitator?

The Covid-19 Pandemic changed the world and we were all confronted with the way things were and the uncertainty of the future. When I went through the Facilitators Path five week course, I was astounded by how sacred space could be created online through our intentions and rituals. I found time within council sharing and the deep discussions brought me in connection with spirit and the collective.

Community is something which is slowly fading in our lives and to be a facilitator who develops the understanding, wisdom and knowledge of a learning community feels like a role which is deeply in service to creating growth within our world. As a transpersonal psychology practitioner I was introduced to the phrase “Think Fractal Act Local” – Being a Learning Community Facilitator encompasses both parts of this idea. When we are in service on a local level it will cause ripples in the fractal. What seeds we plant in our own soil will eventually be caught by nature’s wind and land in a neighbouring garden and so the cycle will continue and grow. As a Learning Community Facilitator I feel I can be one of those seeds that caught the wind.

At this stage in your life, is there a representation of the divine feminine which is meaningful to you?

At the moment, I feel deeply connected to the Welsh Goddess Ceridwen as I have been doing some work with her cauldron and the stories we share which shape who we are. Ceridwen’s cauldron was said to contain “poetic inspiration”. She is the personification of rebirth, transformation and inspiration. Her legend goes into Pagan roots where her cauldron was said to hold knowledge and wisdom. October (when I write this piece) is also the month of Noson Calan Gaeaf (Winter’s Eve) when the dark veil of the darker months brings us back to our hearths and to the internal world. Ceridwen’s Cauldron is for me a vessel of alchemy. What we throw into her cauldron will be transformed into the wisdom needed when the season changes once more.

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