Soulutions – Strategies with Soul

Our 1-2-1 coaching and counselling service for those that want to delve deeper into their soul’s journey.

Creating strategy for your purpose and vision in life.

When the story of our own life stops feeling meaningful, we start to feel like we aren’t meaningful either. When that happens, you have to find your New Story. One with purpose. One with depth. And one with meaning.
It’s time for you to enter a safe place, intimate and supportive. Where your new story can be discovered and made real. One with tangible goals and a real plan.
Soulutions is the result of my 30 years helping people find their new story, and making it real. It delves into your originality. It explores your purpose and establishes your intentions.
It’s for you if you’re starting a new venture (or adventure). When you want to understand your own leadership qualities, and array your resources for your next goal.
It’s built on decades of research, and made just for you. With 1-1 coaching and counselling, we’ll develop the plan you’ve needed since your last story ended.

Let’s start your New Story.

Soulutions is an alternative coaching service for executives, and an advisory for leaders looking in different places for new strategy.***
Soulutions offers an intimate and safe space to explore, understand and increase spiritual intelligence in your work and life.
Soulutions facilitates you to delve into your originality, explore your purpose, and uncover your intentions.
Soulutions is a personal, organic programme to increase your Soul Literacy, whether you are exploring:
Soulutions helps you translate your vision into form; turn purpose into strategy; and build collaborative action in your life.
Soulutions guides you in the use of your eclectic inner resources unleashing your creativity and purpose as you dive deeper into your soul’s journey. It enables you to understand the power of your values and the role they play in your reason for being.

Together with Soulutions you will find your voice in a world desperately wanting to hear you.

We collaborate with you to:

Each session lasts for two hours. Between sessions there are discovery assignments to gather and integrate.

The outcome of your journey is a soul-full plan of action for your new story.

Together with Soulutions you will find your voice in a world desperately wanting to hear you.


We get confidentiality. Not only do we get it – we live it. Whether it’s counselling someone with HIV; supporting survivors of sexual abuse; coaching senior police officers; mentoring health care leaders or guiding local government officers, we can offer you a safe, intimate space to explore deeper and come up with solutions from the soul.

Discovery Call

If you want to find out more about the Soulutions package, then we offer a free 30 minute discovery call. Please email us to schedule a time and day that works for you:

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